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Krista's philosophy is simple: always work with the natural shape of the eyebrow, rendering beautiful, long, and full brows.


During your first visit, she will offer you a professional analysis of how she thinks your brows can look their best, and explain why. Krista shows you where your actual brow should grow out and which areas to leave alone, along with an estimation of brow sessions to get to your dream brow.


Otherwise, the brow expert shapes and gives you a short lesson on how to fill your brows in for daily maintenance with correct brow makeup color matching. Generally, she also tints brows to help them look fuller, if your brows are grown and ready to be enhanced. She also offers for purchase any brow tools you may need.


If you are growing out, by the second session it becomes quite clear how lovely your brows are going to be and you’re well on your way to having luscious full brows!

S I G N A T U R E   B R O W   S H A P I N G  |    $35.00

A 30 minute service dedicated to transforming your brows into their most pure form, creating a natural flow to evolve giving you a sophisticated and timeless brow.  Through a detailed and precise sculpting process of trimming, waxing and tweezing, your eyebrows will be crafted to ultimate perfection.  Finishing touches include a brow massage with a soothing tea treat ointment. 

B R O W   T I N T (lasts 2-4 weeks)  |    $25.00

A custom blended vegetable tint is used to fill in sparse areas, which simultaneously adds shine and color to the brow.  Tinting shows up the lost light hairs at the edges, creating the illusion of more eyebrows and greater definition.


L I P   W A X  |    $12.00


C H I N   W A X  |    $12.00


B R O W   S H A P I N G  &   L I P   W A X  |    $45.00


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