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  • Lash application is pain free. You do not feel any discomfort.

  • Lashes are properly isolated. Multiple lashes aren't adhered together.

  • No visible sign of adhesive. Can't tell where the lash extensions is glued to the natural lash.

  • Lashes feel extremely light, You don't even notice they're there.

  • Can easily brush through your lash extensions.

  • Lash extensions aren't poking your eyelids.

  • All extensions are pointing in the same direction.


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  • Application is painful. You experience a burning, stinging sensation.

  • Multiple lash extensions are glued together. Making them painful to brush.

  • Adhesive is visible. You can see exactly where the extensions was placed. May resemble clumpy mascara but very hard.

  • Lashes are heavy. You know that they're there and can feel them when you blink.

  • Lashes are stabbing your eyelids and feel like needles.

  • You lose more than 5 extensions a day.

  • Extensions are pointing in multiple directions.

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